Tournoi de Pôle en Double Essey-lès-Nancy 2021-22

Championnat de France de Double 2021-22

Date 12-11-2021
Club French Carrom Federation
Location Essey-lès-Nancy
Duration 45 minutes
System Swiss
Coupling method Cross ranking order
Delay top players pairing 1 turn
Delay compatriots pairing No
Final 1st/2nd place, single match
Bounty-giving method Centesimal bounties
Rating FR rating
Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (pdf, xlsx)
Ranked round 6
Results of the fourth round (pdf)
# Competitors Score
1 Kugathas Selvarasha and Thavrajasingam Nisanth Dufour Florian and Hubert Eric 24 17
2 Pidial Yoann and Vignarajah Prashanna Hettiyakandage Gladvin and Watutantrige De Alwis Sudath Priyashantha 7 25
3 Pantzos Athena and Lusardi Frédéric Dufour Marie-Anne and Dufour Michel 25 0
4 Liyanage Asha Ashani and Soudidier Olivier Phantom 25 0