Scarry On Lin{e|ux}


This application has the goal of making it easier the organization of a championship of Carrom.

Its short codename, SoL, may stand either as Scarry On (GNU)/Linux or as Scarry On Line, until a better description comes out. Both are a bit imprecise, because

  • SoL should run perfectly well on many other operating systems, being written in Python and (currently) JavaScript

  • despite it being a client/server application, potentially exposed on Internet or on the local LAN, it does not require the network, everything can run on a single disconnected machine.

In turn Scarry, the ancestor of SoL, was named after the word I'm used to call Carrom with, Scarambol.

Brief history

Scarry was a Delphi application I wrote years ago, with the equivalent goal. It started as a "quick and dirty" solution to the problem, and Delphi was quite good at that. It served us for years, with good reliability, but since I find programming in that claudicant environment really boring, there was no way I could be convinced to enhance it further.

This is a complete reimplementation, restarting from scratch: it's built exclusively with free software components, so that I won't be embaraced to public the whole source code.

User manuals

The user manual is currently available in the following languages:

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